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  • Therapeutic Massage

    A combination of techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, and swedish massage to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation, and improve range of motion and joint movement. Learn more

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    • $9045 min
    • $11060 min
    • $15590 min
  • sports massage dc services

    Sports Massage

    Focused on specific muscle groups that may be overused and over stressed due to regular physical activity.  Techniques are used to decrease muscle tension, increase flexibility & prevent muscle fatigue. Learn more

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    • $9045 min
    • $11060 min
    • $15590 min
  • Aromatherapy Massage DC

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Combine the plentiful benefits of massage therapy and aromatherapy in one session. Choose one of our essential oil blends to be added to your massage cream for a perfect synergy. A positive sensory overload! Learn more

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    • $12560 min
    • $14575 min
    • $17090 min

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Workplace Massage

On-site chair massage is a cost-effective and simple way to reward employees, raise office productivity, and boost morale.

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  • Alison is an outstanding massage therapist. She has a thorough understanding of her craft and is an expert practitioner. Alison consistently identifies the root of the problem and addresses it.

    Madelyn C.
  • After experiencing several years of intermittent pain and decreased mobility in my left shoulder, I asked Alison to give me a series of  short, deep tissue massages of my left shoulder, upper left chest, and upper left arm. I began experiencing less pain and greater mobility immediately after Alison’s first massage. Now, a year later, my shoulder has completely healed. I attribute the healing in large part to Alison’s attentiveness, compassion, and skill. Thanks, Alison. I am very grateful to you.

    Corry R
  • I get a 90 minute massage and they are usually the best 90 minutes of the week. The team at GMB are very thorough, and I always feel I’m well taken care of

    Dan Hastings
  • Great massage, very friendly. Professional and gives great advice for relieving tension, muscle pain, etc.

  • Allison and Deborah are miraculous therapists. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the body and how it moves, they listen to your descriptions and prescribe a plan to help you that is relaxing, rewarding, and so, so healthy. They have never failed to help cure my aching back when I needed it most.

    Bronwen B.
  • Visited this place based on yelp reviews and I can say they definitely didn’t let me down. Alison was a fantastic massage therapist and listened to my needs before going to work on my upper back and neck. I will definitely be back!

    Michael Persie
  • Georgetown Massage is a great group. I know when I go there they are going to really address any issues I may be having, in a knowledgeable and professional way, and I will leave feeling a lot better!

    Francis S.
  • One of the best massages I’ve had!   I came in to see Deborah for some running related issues and intense lower back pain. After discussing a game plan with me, she diligently set to work and gave me some major relief in my problems areas. She was very sensitive to my needs and walked me through a few more intense massage techniques beforehand to make sure I was okay with it. I will definitely be back!

    Kristin H
  • Great massage with Marya.  I had some shoulder and neck pain and she addressed the area with focus and worked very deep and specific finding and greatly improving the source of the problem.    She is very knowledgeable in her field.   Highly recommend,   and will definitely be back!

  • I had been having terrible back pain due to a sports injury, and Debra was very attentive on my problem area and relieving the pressure and tightness. The overall experience was very relaxing and positive and I will definitely be going back regularly.


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